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The Bristol Bowl
GB 3493 101 · Unidad documental simple · 1985

Number 190 of 500 engraved rose bowls created to commemorate Bristol's association with the Great Western Railway. Engraved with an image of Clifton Suspension Bridge and on the reverse, the GWR seal.

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GB 3493 199 · Unidad documental simple · c. 1864 - 1887

One side of the jug is decorated with an image of Clifton Suspension Bridge, the other is inscribed with this poem:
'Here Gentlemen, come try your skill,
I’ll hold a wager if you will.
That you don’t drink this liq’r all,
Without you spill or let some fall.'

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Alabaster peep egg
GB 3493 117 · Unidad documental simple · c. 1845

One Victorian alabaster peep egg inscribed 'A Present from Clifton' with hand painted floral decoration and containing rotating views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and Vyvyan Terrace and shell, mineral and coral samples. 16.5 cm high.

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