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Bristol Bridge, Bristol, England 1 0
Britannia Bridge, Wales

Use for: Pont Britannia

  • Crosses the Menai Straits between Anglesey and mainland Wales. Originally this was a tubular rail bridge of wrought iron rectangular box-section spans, designed by Robert Stephenson and opened in 1850, with an overall length of 461m/1512ft and a longest span of 140m/460ft. After a fire in 1970 the bridge was rebuilt by Husband and a two-tier steel truss arch bridge. The new rail bridge opened in 1972 and the upper road level in 1980.
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Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States
  • A steel wire suspension/cable-stay hybrid, designed by John Augustus Roebling and completed by his son Washington Roebling and daughter-in-law Emily Warren Roebling. Construction began in 1870 and the bridge opened in May 1883, with a longest span of 486m/1595ft and an overall length of 1825m/5989ft. As well as the roadway and pedestrian walkway, it carried a cable railway until 1944 and trolley streetcars until 1950.
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Chepstow Railway Bridge, United Kingdom
  • This bridge links Wales and England, crossing the River Wye at Chepstow. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel using an innovative method of box girders constructed of wrought iron tubes. Built between 1849 and 1852, with a length of 183m/600 ft, the Chepstow bridge was a forerunner of Brunel's Royal Albert railway bridge at Saltash. The superstructure was replaced in 1962, but the original cylindrical bridge piers and south west abutment remain.
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Colossus Bridge, Fairmount, United States (1813) 0 0
Conwy Railway Bridge, Conwy, Wales

Use for: Conway Railway Bridge

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Conwy Suspension Bridge, Conwy, Wales

Use for: Conway Suspension Bridge

  • A wrought iron chain suspension bridge designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826, this was one of the first road suspension bridges in the world, crossing the River Conwy, with a longest span of 100m/327ft. It is now a pedestrian bridge and is owned by the National Trust.
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Craigellachie Bridge, Scotland
  • Built between 1812 and 1814 and designed by Thomas Telford, this is the oldest cast iron bridge in Scotland, with a single span of approximately 46m/151ft. It crosses the River Spey at the village of Craigellachie, near Aberlour, Moray. Previously a road bridge carrying the A941, it is now open only to pedestrians and cyclists.
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Dresden Suspension Bridge, Dresden, United States (1853) 1 0
Dryburgh Suspension Bridge, Dryburgh, Scotland (1818) 0 0
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