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London Bridge, London, England (1831) 0 0
Marlow Suspension Bridge, England

Use for: Marlow Bridge

  • A wrought iron chain link suspension road bridge crossing the River Thames, with a longest span of 72m/235ft. Designed by William Tierney Clark, its construction began in 1829 and the bridge opened in 1832.
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Marmande Suspension Bridge, France (1838) 1 0
Menai Suspension Bridge, Wales

Use for: Menai Bridge

  • A road bridge crossing the Menai Straits between Anglesey and mainland Wales, designed by Thomas Telford. Construction began in 1819 and the bridge opened in 1826. The longest span is 176m/577ft and the overall length is 417m/1363ft. The original wooden deck was replaced with a steel deck in 1893 and the wrought iron chains were replaced with steel ones in 1938.
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Middle Bridge, Fribourg, Switzerland

Use for: Central Bridge

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Monk Bridge, Leeds (1827) 0 0
Montrose Suspension Bridge, Scotland (1829) 2 0
Niagara Suspension Bridge, United States and Canada (1855)

Use for: Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, International Suspension Bridge

  • Designed by John Alexander Roebling, the Niagara Suspension Bridge was opened in 1855 as the first working railway suspension bridge in the world. Using wire cables made according to Roebling's patented process, the bridge consisted of two decks: an upper railway deck and a lower deck for pedestrians and carriages, (the lower deck was opened to traffic a year earlier in 1854). In 1880 the wooden deck structures were replaced and in 1886 the limestone towers were replaced with an iron and steel structure. The whole bridge was eventually replaced in 1897 according to an arch bridge design by Leffert L Buck. The bridge project was initiated in 1846 by politician William Hamilton Merritt who was inspired by the Fribourg Suspension Bridge, Switzerland. Four engineers submitted designs to the bridge company: Edward Serrell, Samuel Keefer, Charles Ellet and John Augustus Roebling. In 1847 Ellet had been awarded the contract and by 1848 a temporary wooden structure was erected across the gorge with an iron suspended traveller. However, due to a financial dispute, Ellet left the company to work on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. Robert Stephenson - who had recently completed the Britannia Bridge - was shortlisted to complete the project, but lost the contract to Roebling.
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Nicholas Chain Bridge, Kiev, Ukraine (1853)

Use for: Tsar Nicholas I Chain Bridge

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Nith Suspension Bridge, Dumfries, Scotland

Use for: Dumfries Suspension Bridge

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