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Wellington Suspension Bridge, Aberdeen, Scotland

Usado por: Wellington Chain Bridge

  • Cast and wrought ironwork designed by Samuel Brown (1776-1852) with John Tudor Smith (architect) and James Abernethy (engineer/contractor). Built to connect Ferryhill to Craiglug, 1829-1831. Opened to traffic in May 1831. Cost £10,000. Ironwork replaced by steel in 1930 and bridge restored in 2008.
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Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States
  • A steel wire suspension/cable-stay hybrid, designed by John Augustus Roebling and completed by his son Washington Roebling and daughter-in-law Emily Warren Roebling. Construction began in 1870 and the bridge opened in May 1883, with a longest span of 486m/1595ft and an overall length of 1825m/5989ft. As well as the roadway and pedestrian walkway, it carried a cable railway until 1944 and trolley streetcars until 1950.
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Conwy Suspension Bridge, Conwy, Wales

Usado por: Conway Suspension Bridge

  • A wrought iron chain suspension bridge designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826, this was one of the first road suspension bridges in the world, crossing the River Conwy, with a longest span of 100m/327ft. It is now a pedestrian bridge and is owned by the National Trust.
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Hammersmith Bridge, London, England (1827)
  • The original Hammersmith Bridge was the first chain suspension bridge across the River Thames. Designed by William Tierney Clark, the bridge opened in 1827, with a roadway length of 688ft/210m. By the 1870s, there were concerns the bridge was no longer strong enough to support the weight of heavy traffic. After a boat collided with the bridge in 1882, a replacement bridge was authorised and the original was demolished in 1884.
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Hammersmith Bridge, London, England (1887)
  • The original Hammersmith Bridge, designed by William Tierney Clark, was demolished in 1884 after concerns that it could no longer support the weight of its traffic. The second Hammersmith Bridge is 210m long and 13m wide and was designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette, resting on the original pier foundations. It opened in 1887. The bridge was closed indefinitely to all motor traffic in April 2019 after cracks were discovered in the pedestals.
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Royal Suspension Chain Pier, Brighton, England

Usado por: Brighthelmston Suspension Pier, Brighton Chain Pier

  • Designed by Captain Samuel Brown RN and opened in 1823, the pier consisted of four 260-ft spans. It was destroyed by a storm in 1896, having been in decline for some decades.
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Queen's Park Footbridge, Chester, England (1852)
  • Opening in 1852, the suspension footbridge crossed the River Dee in Chester. It was built to link the development of the Queen's Park suburb to the city centre. It was demolished in 1922 and replaced with the existing footbridge.
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Nith Suspension Bridge, Dumfries, Scotland

Usado por: Dumfries Suspension Bridge

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Gattonside Suspension Bridge, Melrose, Scotland 1 0
Suspension Bridge, Gobbins, Northern Ireland (1902) 1 0